These are 4 Things You Should Not Do to a Wedding Photographer!

wedding photographer DublinIn the world of business and services, we can’t deny that you will often see misunderstandings happening. As much as you want to keep the communication channel smooth, it happens to people. In the end, what can we say, just be careful next time and make sure you don’t repeat it again!

But that’s not the case where you are hiring a wedding photographer Dublin. There won’t be the next time because you won’t be getting married multiple times with the same person! You’ve got one shot to get it right and that’s it. No, undo, no repeat, just that one chance for your photographer to capture it. But photographers are often faced with ridiculous situations that they couldn’t complain about!

What are those?

1. Supposedly ‘interview’ questions

When you first meet a wedding photographer, you ask them questions about their qualifications. Because each photographer has different characteristics, what looks good to others may not be so much to you. But did you know that some of your questions might not be necessary and may even only confuse you more?

Remember to keep your interview questions within a boundary that you understand. There is no need to ask technical questions such as their equipment models. Better equipment is not always the same with better pictures.

2. Understanding a professional

Some clients want to understand that professional photographers don’t like to be treated like they don’t know what to do. They want to let the people they hire do what they are best in without interrupting them. But it is not the same as not being involved!

A professional wedding photographer Dublin from explains that clients’ support is necessary. They need information, open communication to ensure that both know what is needed from each other. In order to not disappoint yourself, you have to tell what does to your photographer!

3. Supposedly helping

Because we all forget things, we cannot always rely on the fact that our photographer will remember to capture everything. Yes, sometimes, they need a small reminder as well! Emphasize on small because what happens often is not small at all.

There are clients who come up to their photographer with a paper filled with checklists of things they want to be captured. There are people, objects, even sceneries inside it and the photographer has to supposedly carry that around. This won’t help, trust us, you will believe this.

4. Going as plan

At your last meeting, the both of you had talked about the plan, makes sure that the photographer knows when to arrive and where to go. You also promise to get ready at the right time, so no time is wasted. But, well, things can happen and you might just have to oversleep a little.

A change of plan can really affect your wedding pictures, such as losing the chance to take better dress-up pictures. Knowing that it’s going to be your wedding day, it’s best that you have enough rest and wake up early to get ready. You didn’t summon your wedding photographer Dublin to have him help clean your room or prepare!