Wedding Photography Style Guide

documentary wedding photographerBefore choosing your photographer, you need to know what kind of styles you want and those photographers provide. It will certainly save you the time from having to make them explain to you everything and better if you basically know what they are. On the other hand, you can also narrow your choice to photographers who take pictures in that style.

Let’s start with what a documentary wedding photographer London does and the characteristics!

Documentary photography

The documentary style is a rather great approach if you are the type of couple that love to look at pictures that have a nostalgic feel to it. The documentary style is done by photographers who are able to remain in the background and steal the best moments without anyone noticing him. The photographer has to be very experienced in doing it as it will easily distract others if they are not careful.

Documentary photography focuses on capturing the pictures based on the storyline of the day. The photographer must be alert at all time to not miss a thing and ensure that the day is captured. The wedding album is then arranged in a way that tells a story of the clients’ day.

The documentary is similar to a traditional style, but photographers are no more limited to the traditional method of capturing them. The pictures are typically less focus on colors and visual quality, but more to how each moment of the party matters. A documentary wedding photographer London usually uses a fly-on-the-wall approach when working to ensure perfect pictures result.

An example of a photographer who is really good at this is If you want to see an example of documentary pictures, here’s the perfect place to see some.

Fine art photography

As for fine art wedding photography, it’s worth noting that this is a rather new style in wedding photography. The photographer typically focuses a lot on the visual quality of the pictures, ensuring that each of them is aesthetics. Reality speaking, it’s true that not each of the pictures is always visually stunning, but it’s what the photographer always works on.

Fine art photography is a style that is better executed by photographers with high imagination capability. A photographer needs to be able to not just imagine it, but also help direct the couple to achieve that position. The photographer has a task to build a relationship with his clients and ensure that they have a similar value of aesthetics.

Fine art style wedding pictures look very beautiful and stunning. It is the kind of style that you will love to look at for hours and display for people to see. Does that mean documentary-style pictures are not? No! Photographers of that style also try their best, but it is not the same with the fine art style. Photographers of this style are usually much better and focus more on it.

No style is better than the other and it really depends on what you love to see.

It is up to you to think of which style suits you better. It could be a documentary wedding photographer London or not. The most important thing now is that you might be able to narrow down your choices already to photographers with the style you like.