How Wedding Photographers South Wales Can Deal with Unruly Guests

wedding photographers South WalesHow do you deal with drunken, happy guests? There aren’t much wedding photographers South Wales can do with such people, but at least, there are tricks you can use to still be able to capture great pictures during the time. And they involve you not getting agitated with the guests, still be professional and even enjoy the job!

Snap things when they are still sober

People don’t just get drunk in over 15 minutes, at least in the morning, no. So, when you get the chance, capture as many pictures as possible of the guests when they just arrived and when the party has just started. This makes it easy to ask the friends and relatives to look at you, smiling and posing properly for the pictures.

Moments after people get their drinks are usually the best moments because they feel more relaxed and less awkward. But this is also moments before some get drunk and starting to slur with their words and difficulties to focus on the camera.

Not everyone is drunk

There is always that person who holds his liquor well or simply abstain from alcoholic drinks. Which means you can always snap some great pictures of these people when the drunkards get uncontrollable. It is tiresome to deal with intoxicated guests, so take a break once in a while, or move over to find those who are still sober.

Remember the schedule

There is a time for everything, so don’t forget that there are still performances to enjoy for the evening reception. Wedding photographers South Wales can make use of this moment to capture guests’ reactions to the performances. Alternatively, you can switch focus to your client with the guests in the background during the first dance.

Get candid

If you can’t get them to pose, then don’t! Now is time to get real candid with the situation because people will get less distracted by you. As drunk as some people can get, you can always spot out the groups that are having fun and laughing. Snap some pictures of these groups and even when you are standing close, they won’t bother by it! All the happiness and craziness that flows naturally like that actually make some great pictures.

The evening party can also get really loud and exciting at times with all the family members jumping onto the dancing floor. This is a great moment when you will get great pictures from and it gets better because they are feeling less shy about what they are doing!

Stay cool

Some people can get really, well, rude when they are drunk and they probably didn’t mean what they were doing. In fact, they might forget what they did and would be extremely embarrassed when they remember it. Maybe they lost their footing and stumble on you or maybe others were spewing inappropriate words, but it’s a party.

Remain professional to your job and don’t take anything said by drunken men to heart. If wedding photographer South Wales can follow these tips, pretty sure you will soon be shooting professionally like the pictures in