5 Actual Reasons Why WordPress Offers Better Websites for Photographers

websites for photographerWordPress is no more strange to the ears of those who have surfed the net for quite a while. You might have bumped on sites who have .wordpress extension on their page. And while you are thinking about starting a site of your own, you are probably wondering what is WordPress the best choice for websites for photographers?

The flexibility that exists nowhere else

Unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars to build a site from scratch, WordPress is the beginner choice to build their own site. It has high design flexibility, allowing you to choose your own template or theme from a library that store hundreds of them. Additionally, you can buy premium templates for a lifetime or subscription plan outside the site.

What’s better? Those premium themes are often compatible with WordPress the biggest current platform to build your site at. Don’t forget that you can change your site’s look with just a few clicks.

Not just that, you can even customize some themes, where you want to place your buttons, whether you allow comment sections or not, etc. Basically, you can do a lot of things with your site and be creative with it, or just be lazy and settle with the hundreds of free templates to choose from.

Always updating

WordPress never stops updating their coding to keep it compatible with the current browser and platform. Because of that, you can expect that your site will always look new with the latest new feature to implement. This also drives the hundreds of plugins with over thousands of active users to always update their coding as well.

Websites for photographers can require a lot of space and image optimization, part of why WordPress is a great place to start.


They are the easiest things to get on WordPress. If you build your site from scratch, you need to be super savvy with coding to add a button on your page. With plugins, they let you skip the coding part and add those features visually. You can be the dork that only knows how to take pictures and still be able to design a great website.

Plugins offer a wide range of a feature from cleaning comment sections from spamming to setting up a maintenance page.

You can still be an IT savvy

WordPress is best when you get to work on it visually, but it’s also a great platform if you happen to love IT as well. You can work on the basic coding to create the theme that you want or the feature that you like.

It’s free

To a certain point, WordPress is completely free. A lot of people start their site without paying first and that’s what you can do. What you need to pay when setting up the site is hosting and cheap hosting can start at below $10 a month, including a free domain for the first year.

On the other hand, if you feel like you are not doing that great, don’t fret! Websites for photographers can benefit from using MyPhotoCTO services. They host, carter to WordPress users and even help you with designing and marketing the site!