5 Actual Reasons Why WordPress Offers Better Websites for Photographers

websites for photographerWordPress is no more strange to the ears of those who have surfed the net for quite a while. You might have bumped on sites who have .wordpress extension on their page. And while you are thinking about starting a site of your own, you are probably wondering what is WordPress the best choice for websites for photographers?

The flexibility that exists nowhere else

Unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars to build a site from scratch, WordPress is the beginner choice to build their own site. It has high design flexibility, allowing you to choose your own template or theme from a library that store hundreds of them. Additionally, you can buy premium templates for a lifetime or subscription plan outside the site.

What’s better? Those premium themes are often compatible with WordPress the biggest current platform to build your site at. Don’t forget that you can change your site’s look with just a few clicks.

Not just that, you can even customize some themes, where you want to place your buttons, whether you allow comment sections or not, etc. Basically, you can do a lot of things with your site and be creative with it, or just be lazy and settle with the hundreds of free templates to choose from.

Always updating

WordPress never stops updating their coding to keep it compatible with the current browser and platform. Because of that, you can expect that your site will always look new with the latest new feature to implement. This also drives the hundreds of plugins with over thousands of active users to always update their coding as well.

Websites for photographers can require a lot of space and image optimization, part of why WordPress is a great place to start.


They are the easiest things to get on WordPress. If you build your site from scratch, you need to be super savvy with coding to add a button on your page. With plugins, they let you skip the coding part and add those features visually. You can be the dork that only knows how to take pictures and still be able to design a great website.

Plugins offer a wide range of a feature from cleaning comment sections from spamming to setting up a maintenance page.

You can still be an IT savvy

WordPress is best when you get to work on it visually, but it’s also a great platform if you happen to love IT as well. You can work on the basic coding to create the theme that you want or the feature that you like.

It’s free

To a certain point, WordPress is completely free. A lot of people start their site without paying first and that’s what you can do. What you need to pay when setting up the site is hosting and cheap hosting can start at below $10 a month, including a free domain for the first year.

On the other hand, if you feel like you are not doing that great, don’t fret! Websites for photographers can benefit from using MyPhotoCTO services. They host, carter to WordPress users and even help you with designing and marketing the site!

How Wedding Photographers South Wales Can Deal with Unruly Guests

wedding photographers South WalesHow do you deal with drunken, happy guests? There aren’t much wedding photographers South Wales can do with such people, but at least, there are tricks you can use to still be able to capture great pictures during the time. And they involve you not getting agitated with the guests, still be professional and even enjoy the job!

Snap things when they are still sober

People don’t just get drunk in over 15 minutes, at least in the morning, no. So, when you get the chance, capture as many pictures as possible of the guests when they just arrived and when the party has just started. This makes it easy to ask the friends and relatives to look at you, smiling and posing properly for the pictures.

Moments after people get their drinks are usually the best moments because they feel more relaxed and less awkward. But this is also moments before some get drunk and starting to slur with their words and difficulties to focus on the camera.

Not everyone is drunk

There is always that person who holds his liquor well or simply abstain from alcoholic drinks. Which means you can always snap some great pictures of these people when the drunkards get uncontrollable. It is tiresome to deal with intoxicated guests, so take a break once in a while, or move over to find those who are still sober.

Remember the schedule

There is a time for everything, so don’t forget that there are still performances to enjoy for the evening reception. Wedding photographers South Wales can make use of this moment to capture guests’ reactions to the performances. Alternatively, you can switch focus to your client with the guests in the background during the first dance.

Get candid

If you can’t get them to pose, then don’t! Now is time to get real candid with the situation because people will get less distracted by you. As drunk as some people can get, you can always spot out the groups that are having fun and laughing. Snap some pictures of these groups and even when you are standing close, they won’t bother by it! All the happiness and craziness that flows naturally like that actually make some great pictures.

The evening party can also get really loud and exciting at times with all the family members jumping onto the dancing floor. This is a great moment when you will get great pictures from and it gets better because they are feeling less shy about what they are doing!

Stay cool

Some people can get really, well, rude when they are drunk and they probably didn’t mean what they were doing. In fact, they might forget what they did and would be extremely embarrassed when they remember it. Maybe they lost their footing and stumble on you or maybe others were spewing inappropriate words, but it’s a party.

Remain professional to your job and don’t take anything said by drunken men to heart. If wedding photographer South Wales can follow these tips, pretty sure you will soon be shooting professionally like the pictures in http://www.kateadamsphotography.com.

Why Wedding Photographers Billericay Need to Have Consultations With Clients

wedding photographers BillericayHave you heard the saying that “no man is an island?” The saying holds true in modern day society. Let’s take a look at countries that produce things like tyres, chocolate and the likes. These companies certainly need their raw materials from somewhere as they cannot be involved in every chain of production by themselves. Not only is it expensive it takes a lot of time. Even companies like Apple do not make all the items needed by themselves. The same way countries and companies cannot function independently is the same reason why wedding photographers Billericay need the input of their clients to ensure they deliver according to expectations.

That is why it is always advised that all photographers should request that the wedding couple come in for consultation. There are a lot of benefits to having a consultation prior to the wedding and some of them are listed below:

Gain a proper understanding of the couple’s needs

No two couples are the same. What one couple will fancy is definitely different from what another couple will fancy. Different individuals different tastes. As a photographer, you should never make the mistake of assuming as you would just be creating a lot of problems for yourself. As such, it is imperative that you request the couple to hold a consultation where you can both gain a proper understanding of what can be done to ensure the wedding pictures desired are produced.

During the consultation you get a better understanding of what the couple likes, the results they are expecting and the basis for their demands. When both parties are satisfied by the outcome of the consultation it makes for better results.

Decide on a shot list

There have been cases of couples going through their wedding album and being disappointed by the outcome. When asked for the reason for their disappointment, one common answer was the fact that the photographer failed to capture images they expected to see in the album. When asked about the type of images they expected, the response was in no way close to the usual traditional images you expect to see in an album and you could definitely see here that it was an issue of no communication.

Therefore, to prevent this most times, it is advised that both the couple and wedding photographers Billericay sit down to plan a proper shot list. The shot list doesn’t have to be strictly adhered to in terms of number of pictures taken it is just a guideline on what the photographer should take on that day.

Agree on terms

The reason why photographers and wedding couples end up disputing against each other after the wedding is due to both parties not agreeing on terms before the event. It is important before an engagement of service that both parties clearly understand the intricacies of the arrangement to prevent any misinterpretation or misunderstandings. Once the terms are understood, both parties can sign a contract adhering to it.

For more information on wedding photographers Billericay , visit https://www.chriswoodmanphotography.co.uk/

Importance of Insurance for a Wedding Photographer Kent

wedding photographer KentThe fact that you are a photographer does not mean you are not a business owner. If you own your own studio and earn income and pay expenses under its name, then you run a business. According to the law, there are certain things you need to do as a business owner one of them being ensuring it is a separate legal entity from you.

As a separate legal entity, it means you register the business name and the expenses incurred and income earned by the business are taxable under law. The business also needs a tax identification number to prevent the monies earned under it from being charged to your personal income tax. Setting up the business and the business name is just one aspect as one important thing you must do is to purchase protection.

Protection in the form of insurance. As a wedding photographer Kent, you are exposed to a lot of incidences that can easily lead to loss for you. An example is the fact that you have to purchase a camera to help you shoot weddings. During the process of the shoot, the camera can easily get damaged due to an over eager wedding guest or on your way back from the wedding late at night, you can get robbed of your photography gear.

If any of the above mentioned scenario where to happen to you, what would your reaction be? Will you be at a loss wondering what the next step is that you should take seeing as the tools and equipment were quite expensive and purchasing every single thing would require funds you do not have. Now, if you were someone that took a proactive step to register for insurance, then these are issues you won’t have to worry about. Why? Read below:

  • Coverage

With insurance, one thing you can be sure of is that in terms of loss, you are covered. Different insurance policies exist for different business. You can get a class of insurance that protect the tools of your trade. Therefore, in case of a loss, all you need to do is to report it to your insurance company and undergo the necessary steps to get compensation for it.

However, it is important to note that not everyone is entitled to an insurance claim especially if you fail to pay the requested premium asked by the insurance company. If you want to ensure that you are protected against any incidence of loss, then actively pay your premium.

  • Peace of mind

A wedding photographer Kent that lacks proper insurance is likely to be more jittery. They know a single misstep can lead to great expenses which they can not afford. So, they are not able to embark on their entrusted duties with the right frame of mind. Every step they take is all about caution to them and this means they are not free in their duties and it can affect the quality of work done. If this is you, then it is high time you fill an insurance form to get peace of mind for yourself.

For more information on the importance of insurance for a wedding photographer Kent, visit https://www.pennyyoungphotography.com/.

Do You Need to Hire Professional Wedding Photographers Surrey?

wedding photographers SurreyHow hard could it be to find someone to help you take your wedding pictures? It doesn’t seem like hiring expensive wedding photographers Surrey will be necessary. Before that, if you are one of those couples who could spare a few more thousand dollars for wedding photography, we want you to know why it’s absolutely important to have professional work on your wedding pictures.

High-quality results

A wedding photographer is always equipped with a professional camera, lighting, lenses and editing tools. They don’t just take your pictures and send them to you. They make sure that they are using the right tools for the job, edit them and present them to you. They also make it available online through their sites, so you can look at your pictures anywhere for anyone around the world with the Internet.


Professional wedding photographers have hundreds of previous clients you can find and ask directly from regarding their work results if you can find them. Most of them leave positive reviews on the photographer’s site and you can judge from it that the photographer is doing fine or not. These photographers also have a lot of portfolios to prove that they are good.

Many photographers show a wide variety of themes that they have worked on and many of them in different wedding venues. They want their clients to know that they have done many kinds of weddings and are ready to face the next unique ideas from their clients.

Hire your booth from them!

Renting a photo booth is a recent trend for the last few years. It makes the party waiting time less boring and people have more things to do. Professional wedding photographers Surrey often offer this and you can see one of them renting out here: http://www.captivephoto.co.uk/

You can get two services from the same person, saving you the time to look and interview the person that is providing the photo booth. You can focus on preparing other things for your wedding and be relieved that you’ve hired a reliable person for the job.

It’s once in a lifetime

Wedding photography isn’t something that you can repeat whenever you want. There’s the fact that maybe some of you rented your wedding dress. You also need to hire a photographer again if you want to take the pictures and this is often unlikely to be done. It’s something that you do during the occasion because only then will it mean something.

If you let someone who never had the experience do it, you know that you are taking a big risk. There’s nothing that guarantees you that person knows what he’s doing. In the case of the kind uncle who does the job, you cannot even complain or make too many requests to your uncle.

You cannot enjoy your party

If you are too distracted by thinking about whether your photographer is doing his job or not, you won’t remember what you did that day. You shouldn’t be worrying about a lot of things, but enjoying your party! It’s a happy day for you because your wedding photographers Surrey know exactly what they have to do.

Why Your Wedding Photography Leicester Could Be Better

wedding photography LeicesterEvery wedding photographer has their own way of doing things, but there are still some that they need to maintain. Across every wedding photographer, these are the things wedding photography Leicester service should have. We want you to be able to offer even better services because that won’t just benefit you, but also your clients and eventually, other photographers can learn from you as well.

Make it even more personal

Some people keep business relationship away from private life as much as possible. They think that it won’t be professional if they try to get things personal with the clients. However, it’s important that you remember how important these events are for your clients. There’s also the fact they don’t get to test their photographers and one of the few things they judge photographers from is their attitude.

Not just working attitude, but their personal attitude in general as well. They will be stuck with you for a long day, so it might as well be with someone they are comfortable with!

Nailing the first impression

After doing the same thing for a very long time, you can feel yourself losing the enthusiasm to greet a new client with wide smiling face and a strong handshake. The results might just be the same with approximately 70% of the people; only one meeting and they never come back. It does get tiring.

But don’t forget that your clients are still looking for the best photographer and that includes someone who looks enthusiastic right from the start. They won’t get to know that you are such a great photographer if you never show it from the first time. We want you to follow the way the photographer that owns http://www.oliverkershawphotography.co.uk/ offer his wedding photography Leicester service.

Attending wedding rehearsals

At the beginning of the job, you attend every rehearsal as a religion. You don’t want to miss them because you need to be prepared in any possible way. They really helped you get ready in terms of where to shoot, how to position yourself and if your clients might have special requests to make on the spot. You can plan ahead, so the day would be smoother with fewer bumps.

But nowadays, attending them feel so redundant because you don’t think you get much from it. Don’t let this keep you from attending because your clients might have many things to discuss with you. You might get a lot of people to meet and expand your name to even more people. Owning a website is a good marketing, but meeting in person is always more effective.

Rehearsals still give the same benefits you get when you shoot for the first times. You can practice with your clients and they still get the same benefits. Help your clients and show respect to their eagerness to help you.

You can get your wedding photography Leicester better this way. They are simple things that some photographers lose determination in doing because they have been doing it for a long time. From thinking that they would be able to save some time, it might actually be the reason that they couldn’t get better than other photographers!

These are 4 Things You Should Not Do to a Wedding Photographer!

wedding photographer DublinIn the world of business and services, we can’t deny that you will often see misunderstandings happening. As much as you want to keep the communication channel smooth, it happens to people. In the end, what can we say, just be careful next time and make sure you don’t repeat it again!

But that’s not the case where you are hiring a wedding photographer Dublin. There won’t be the next time because you won’t be getting married multiple times with the same person! You’ve got one shot to get it right and that’s it. No, undo, no repeat, just that one chance for your photographer to capture it. But photographers are often faced with ridiculous situations that they couldn’t complain about!

What are those?

1. Supposedly ‘interview’ questions

When you first meet a wedding photographer, you ask them questions about their qualifications. Because each photographer has different characteristics, what looks good to others may not be so much to you. But did you know that some of your questions might not be necessary and may even only confuse you more?

Remember to keep your interview questions within a boundary that you understand. There is no need to ask technical questions such as their equipment models. Better equipment is not always the same with better pictures.

2. Understanding a professional

Some clients want to understand that professional photographers don’t like to be treated like they don’t know what to do. They want to let the people they hire do what they are best in without interrupting them. But it is not the same as not being involved!

A professional wedding photographer Dublin from www.olgahoganphotography.com explains that clients’ support is necessary. They need information, open communication to ensure that both know what is needed from each other. In order to not disappoint yourself, you have to tell what does to your photographer!

3. Supposedly helping

Because we all forget things, we cannot always rely on the fact that our photographer will remember to capture everything. Yes, sometimes, they need a small reminder as well! Emphasize on small because what happens often is not small at all.

There are clients who come up to their photographer with a paper filled with checklists of things they want to be captured. There are people, objects, even sceneries inside it and the photographer has to supposedly carry that around. This won’t help, trust us, you will believe this.

4. Going as plan

At your last meeting, the both of you had talked about the plan, makes sure that the photographer knows when to arrive and where to go. You also promise to get ready at the right time, so no time is wasted. But, well, things can happen and you might just have to oversleep a little.

A change of plan can really affect your wedding pictures, such as losing the chance to take better dress-up pictures. Knowing that it’s going to be your wedding day, it’s best that you have enough rest and wake up early to get ready. You didn’t summon your wedding photographer Dublin to have him help clean your room or prepare!

Wedding Photography Style Guide

documentary wedding photographerBefore choosing your photographer, you need to know what kind of styles you want and those photographers provide. It will certainly save you the time from having to make them explain to you everything and better if you basically know what they are. On the other hand, you can also narrow your choice to photographers who take pictures in that style.

Let’s start with what a documentary wedding photographer London does and the characteristics!

Documentary photography

The documentary style is a rather great approach if you are the type of couple that love to look at pictures that have a nostalgic feel to it. The documentary style is done by photographers who are able to remain in the background and steal the best moments without anyone noticing him. The photographer has to be very experienced in doing it as it will easily distract others if they are not careful.

Documentary photography focuses on capturing the pictures based on the storyline of the day. The photographer must be alert at all time to not miss a thing and ensure that the day is captured. The wedding album is then arranged in a way that tells a story of the clients’ day.

The documentary is similar to a traditional style, but photographers are no more limited to the traditional method of capturing them. The pictures are typically less focus on colors and visual quality, but more to how each moment of the party matters. A documentary wedding photographer London usually uses a fly-on-the-wall approach when working to ensure perfect pictures result.

An example of a photographer who is really good at this is owenbillcliffeweddings.co.uk. If you want to see an example of documentary pictures, here’s the perfect place to see some.

Fine art photography

As for fine art wedding photography, it’s worth noting that this is a rather new style in wedding photography. The photographer typically focuses a lot on the visual quality of the pictures, ensuring that each of them is aesthetics. Reality speaking, it’s true that not each of the pictures is always visually stunning, but it’s what the photographer always works on.

Fine art photography is a style that is better executed by photographers with high imagination capability. A photographer needs to be able to not just imagine it, but also help direct the couple to achieve that position. The photographer has a task to build a relationship with his clients and ensure that they have a similar value of aesthetics.

Fine art style wedding pictures look very beautiful and stunning. It is the kind of style that you will love to look at for hours and display for people to see. Does that mean documentary-style pictures are not? No! Photographers of that style also try their best, but it is not the same with the fine art style. Photographers of this style are usually much better and focus more on it.

No style is better than the other and it really depends on what you love to see.

It is up to you to think of which style suits you better. It could be a documentary wedding photographer London or not. The most important thing now is that you might be able to narrow down your choices already to photographers with the style you like.